We welcome the support of the following donors:


                  Donor Wall   

In September 2015 we installed a sculpture honoring our donors. It is located on the N.W. corner of Commerce and Maple. Anyone who has donated $500.00 will have their name engraved on a plaque. When a donor’s contributions reach $1,000.00 a star will be engraved on their plaque. Donations are accumulated to reach this goal. Plaques will be updated twice a year.

Donor List (September 20, 2017):

Roxanna Albig
Cynthia Alderman
Elizabeth Allen
Robert and Barrie Altenhof
Victoria Ames and Nels Hendrickson
Kirk & Deborah Andersen
Dr. Wayne and Laurie Anderson
Bob and Joyce Andrew
Donald and Charlotte Armstrong
Steven and Suzie Armstrong
Louis and Vick Asner
Donald Auntions
Kathy Bacon
Cathy and Bill Bakamus
JoAnn Baker
Judy and Rod Baker
David Bayer
Jamie Bayer
David Beckwith
Janet and Mark Bell
June Bennett and Jeff Amandalei
Marjorie Berry
Ray Betts and Julie Kendal
Barbara Bishop
Sandra Bishop
Cordin and Janell Bittner
Ken and Marn ie Botero
Leslie Bombardier
Gerrie Booth
Carol Boudreau
Kay Bridgewater
Joyce Brekke
Broadway Gallery
George Broderick
Lois and Ron Brudi-Conrad
Connie Budge
Dave and Debbie Campbell
Doug and Kris Campbell
Rick Carns & Linda Wilson
David Carroll
Travis & Phillis Cavens
Harold and Mary Chase
Mary Ciancibelli
Barbara Clausen
Columbia River Reader
Ray and Becky Cooper
Diane Craft
Sherry Crayne
David Creekman
Roberta Cuniberti
Curves – SJH Corp dba
Tim and Suzanne Cusick
Leslie and Berry Dahl
Marisa and Nathan Davis
Constance Dawley
Connie and Kasha Dawley/Banko
Susie Delain
Karen and William Dennis
Norm and Valdeane Dick
Alice Dietz
Steve and Jane Ditewig
Don and Sandy Donaldson
Barbara and James Donnelly
Willia and Kate Dugas
Barb and Skip Dunlap
Mildred Durand
Keith and Joyce Ebbert
Greg Ebersole
Sonja Elhardt-Olden
Carolyn Feesey-Kirkpatrick
Estelle Finkelman
Bruce & Michelle Fischer
Ginny Flegel
Marilyn Fontana
Mario/Kris Forte/Keough
Carol and Oscar Fuller
Don and Judy Fuller
Lucinda Garrison
Richard Garvin
Judy Gee
Jane Getsla
Dorothy Gevers-Wojtowych
Gibbs and Olson-Camille Dewitt
Cassandra Giedt
Rachel Gille
Marcel Goulet
Kenneth Grams
Joe and Marquita Green
Dawn Gregg
Bob Gregory
Sandy and Mike Haas
Carolyn Hail
Dorothy Hanson
Florence Heines-Bloom
Stephen Heitert
Christina Henderson
Thomas and Margaret Hickey
Carl and Audrey Hoffman
Colleen Holten
Evelyn Hoyer
Virginia Hubler
Lois Huffman
Judith Huitink
Tom and Allison Hutchinson
Marianne Jacka
Don & Carol Jensen
Douglas Jensen
Arnold and Ursel Joens
Marlene Johanson
David and Kathy Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Barbara Kaiser
KapStone Kraft Paper Corporation
Bill and Donna Kasch
Kelso/Longview Altrusa
Janet Kneedler
Mary Kohlschmidt
Dottie Koontz
Ron and Wendy Kosloski
Sarah Koss
Pat/Jill Kubin/Johanson
Susan Kunkel
Greg and Margaret Lapic
Jeanene LeRae and Tom Thompson
Deanne and Donald Lightfoot
Longview Downtown Partnership
Longview Kelso Earlybird Lions
Leon Lowman
Dolphine Mack
J.R. and Donna MacKinzie
Brian and Marie Magnuson
Chet and Geta Makinster
William Marchand
Karl and Margaret Marcuson
Roger Marks
Gordon & Mary Matlock
Susan Maxey
John and Pauly McClelland
Richard and Mary McCool
Linda McCord
Jim McCutchan
Phyllis and Tom Mccutchan
Terry and Denise McLaughlin
Gary and Marion McMurry
Loren and Carol McNair
Laird and Carol McRae
Deborah Meier
Mary Jane and John Melink
Robert and Marion Metke
DC Midwood
Cathleen Miller
Veronkia Minthorn
Ann Minthorn
Gian Morelli
Ann Mottet
Laurel Murphy and Edward Phillips
John Musser
New Spring Property Management
Stan and Ann Norquist
Julie and JB Nye
Julie and William OConner
Jeanne OConnor
Audrey Olson
Horst Pagel
Carol Pahlke
Peace Health
Doug and Carol Peters
John and MicheleelPhilbrook
Page Phillips
Pete and Karen Picket
David Pilkenton
Harold and Elizabeth Piper
Walter and Hildegard Pistor
Rosemary Purcell
Rosemary Powelson & Dale Bailey
Ed and Mary Putka
Tim and Bonnie Randall
Michael Raynham
William Reade
Red Hat Thrift Store
Bob and Pat Reistroffer
Sherry and Bob Rheaume
Louis Riecss
Debra Robasky
Juanita Rodriguez
Odette Rosillo
Joel and Janis Rupley
Kurt Sacha
Karl Salzsieder
Sari, Sue and Pat
Hans Schaufus
Henry Schaufus
Gay Selby
Shirley Shea
Rosemary Siipola
Richard/Kathy Simpson/Banko
Karen Sisson
Alan and Jeanne Slater
Gina Smith
Wayne and Sally Smith
Gordon Sondker
Ron Spanks
David Spurgeon
Mary Sue Stoddard
Linda and Tom Swanson
Randy and Sheli Sweet
Steve and Deb Sweet
Dean and Debra Takko
Mike Thomas and Sharron Simpson
Henry Thompson
Paul Thompson
Ian Thompson
Marion Thuma
Betty Trembley
US Bank
Unique Tin
Twin City Bank
Skip and Loretta Urling
Dick and Edith Uthmann
Jamie Van Buren
Roger Van Buren
Mary Van Sickle
Michelle Waite
Michael and Kelly Wallin
Noel Wannebo
Sam and Rae Wardle
Linda Waterman
Steve and Jocelyn Watters
Dennis Weber and Kris McElroy
Barney and Mary Wheeler
Mary Wijkes
Marchard William
Dona and James Williamson
Donna and Rick Williamson
David and Penny Willis
Jennifer Wills
Mike and Trudy Woods
Leonard and JoAnn Workman
Cathy and Jerry Zimmerman
Jim Zingelmann