Call for Artists

Announcing the 6th Longview Outdoor Gallery Sculpture Exhibit

The Longview Outdoor Gallery (LOG) task force is excited to announce our sixth call for artists.  Our five earlier exhibits were very successful, with seventeen sculptures staying in the community, having prices ranging from $2,800 to $22,000.  We are very pleased to have such great support for LOG from our community.  The program is now an important part of a larger downtown renewal project.   

We are seeking outdoor sculpture that will be on display and for sale for two years in downtown Longview.  

LOG will purchase at least one sculpture during the exhibit.  The committee and a public opinion poll will select the first piece.  The purchased piece will then be donated to the city for permanent display. Additional pieces may be purchased by private individuals, the LOG committee, businesses, or groups.     

Benefits to the artist

  • Possibility of winning the “People’s Voice” award with your piece purchased for permanent display in the city of Longview.
  • Your sculpture will be for sale.  
  • Travel stipend of $300 and lodging for both installation and pick-up, for a total of $600, regardless of the number of sculptures involved ($300 if the sculpture is purchased and stays in the community).
  • Low sales commission of 20%
  • Opportunity to interact with the public, show your work, and make contacts for future sales. 
  • Sculptures may be viewed on our website and our Facebook page: longviewoutdoorgallery
  • Images of the sculpture used in promotional advertisements for the City of Longview.

Sculpture requirements

  • All work must be original, created by the artist. 
  • The sculpture will need to be able to withstand extreme weather variations and interaction with the public.  
  • No bendable or breakable, or glass pieces will be accepted, nor fragile or dangerous pieces. 
  • Our experience is that sculptures larger than 2 feet tall, not counting any base or pedestal, work best as public art in our locations. 
  • Sculptures must be capable of being securely attached to one 24” x 24” metal plate on the sidewalk. 
  • Assistance with off-loading and installation sculpture will be provided.
  • Substitutions will not be accepted after the selection process.  Sculptures must be available for sale through LOG.  Sculptures may be removed by the artist if sold during the two year timeline.  The artist must allow use of his or her likeness, photos of the sculpture, and biographical information for publicity purposes. 

Application process

All applications must contain the following:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Resume and artist statement
  3. Digital images or photos of the artwork,  and each image file name must specify the title. A plain background is preferred.  Each image submitted must be high resolution – 1.5 – 2 MB, or measure at least 5” x 7”.  The image(s) may be emailed to
  4. Each submission must also include information about each sculpture which includes title, dimensions, weight, media, date created, insurance value and retail price.  Narrative material about the sculpture is encouraged, for use in press releases.

Time line

Postmarked by June 15, 2021 Notifications will be mailed out by July 1, 2021 Installation and kickoff event will be September 11th, 2019.

Contact information

For more information and/or an application:

Longview Outdoor Gallery
c/o Trudy Woods
PO Box 2804
Longview, WA 98632